Application of stainless steel studs

- Mar 12, 2021-

Bolts specifically refer to screws with larger diameters, and they can also have no heads, such as stud bolts. Generally, it is not called a "stud bolt" but a "double-headed stud". The most commonly used form of double-ended studs has threads on both ends and a polished rod in the middle. The most typical use: anchor bolts, or places similar to anchor bolts, thick connections, when ordinary bolts cannot be achieved.


Hexagon Head Bolts

Application of stud bolts: used in the main body of large-scale equipment, which needs to be installed with accessories, such as sight glasses, mechanical seal seats, reduction racks, etc. The stud bolts used at this time, one end is screwed into the main body, and the other after the accessories are installed With a nut on one end, because the accessories are often disassembled, when the main body and the accessories are directly connected by bolts, the main body threads will wear out or be damaged over time, and it is very convenient to use stud bolts to replace them. In addition, when the thickness of the connecting body is very large, and the length of the bolt is very long, stud bolts are required.


Standard Nut

The purpose of anti-loosening of stud bolt connection: In actual work, the external load has vibration, change, high temperature creep of the material, etc., which will reduce the friction force. The positive pressure in the thread pair disappears at a certain moment and the friction force is zero, thus making the thread connection Loose, if repeated action, the threaded connection will loosen and fail. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent loosening, otherwise it will affect normal work and cause accidents.