Auto parts knowledge overview(2)

- Jul 08, 2019-

Electrical instrumentation accessories

Sensors, automotive lamps, buzzers, spark plugs, batteries, wiring harnesses, relays, stereos, alarms, regulators, distributors, starters (motors), one-way devices, automotive instrumentation, switches, fuses, glass lifters, Generator, ignition coil, igniter

Car light fixture

Decorative lights, headlights, searchlights, ceiling lamps, anti-fog lights, instrument lights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, emergency lights

Car modification

Tire pump, car roof, car top box, electric winch, car bumper, sunroof, soundproofing material, bumper, fixed wing, fender, exhaust pipe, fuel saver

Security burglar

Steering wheel lock, wheel lock, anti-theft device, rear view mirror, rear view system, camera, seat belt, drive recorder, central locking, GPS, ABS, parking sensor, gear lock

Automotive interior

Car carpet (foot pad) steering wheel cover steering wheel booster ball curtain, sun gear

Car exterior

Rim cover, body color strip sticker, license plate, sun and rain

Comprehensive accessories

Adhesives, sealants, car tools, automotive springs, plastic parts

Audio and video appliances

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Decoder Display Car Radio

Chemical care

Coolant brake fluid antifreeze lubricant

Body and accessories

Wiper car glass seat belt, airbag instrument panel

Maintenance equipment

Sheet metal equipment purification system tyre changer calibration instrument

Electrical tools

Electric punching hot air gun electric jack electric wrench