How much do you know about the circlip for shaft?

- Jun 05, 2020-

Snap ring pliers must be used to install the circlip for shaft, insert the pliers mouth into the pliers hole of the retaining ring, and clamp the retaining ring before putting it into the groove of the pre-processed round hole. The two small holes for the shaft are in the retaining ring In addition, it is necessary to spread out and press in the workpiece.



Because the thickness of the circlip for shaft is different from the inner and outer diameters, the load bearing capacity is also different, but if it is a good quality product, it will take longer to use. A good shaft retaining ring has a flat surface, no burrs at the corners, and the hardness and elasticity are qualified.

The operation method of the circlip for shaft is simple and does not require the operator to have high skills and experience. The products are widely used in furniture, electronics, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, medical, chemical machinery, railways, power stations, chassis cabinets, Electrical appliances and other industries.