How to put forging parts

- Apr 26, 2019-

1. The principle of forging parts forgings is to make the materials according to the variety, specification, shape and different varieties to be placed separately to prevent confusion and mutual corrosion.

2. Placed forgings are prohibited to store nearby items that are corrosive to forgings and objects.

3. A forging piece should be placed on the bottom of the flat object (mostly wood) padding, keep it flat and firm, although the forgings have been treated on the surface when entering the product library, but should also pay attention to prevent the forging products from moisture deformation.

4. Forgings placed in the open air must be padded with wooden mats or other things, and the forgings should be flat to prevent bending deformation. Pay attention to rainy days.

5. Forging parts When placing forgings, the stacking height should be controlled at a reasonable height, artificially operated or mechanically operated at a suitable height. A forging piece has a past operation channel between the forgings.

6. Forging accessories are placed separately in the warehouse, in order to load and deliver the principle of advanced first-mover.