Popularization of spring washer knowledge

- Apr 23, 2020-

Spring washers, our screw industry is more used to call spring pads. Mainly, it is used in conjunction with screw bolts, the most important role is to prevent loosening. The most basic function of the spring washer is to give a force after the screw bolt is tightened. Anti-loosening effect. Add friction between screw bolt and material. Therefore, the material is fastened in the vibration and the loosening between the screw bolt and the material is prevented. Simply put, the function of the spring washer is to act as a protective measure.

Another function of the spring washer is to combine the three-piece assembly with the screw bolt, which is also used with the flat washer. This combination screw with spring pad. Used more in the market. More and more people like to use this assembly with spring washer.

The material of spring washer: There are two main types, one is iron and the other is stainless steel. The iron is generally used by 65MN, also called 65 fierce. This iron material is better. Stainless steel, generally 201, 304, 316. Iron spring washers need to be plated, stainless steel materials do not need to be plated.

Wave spring washer:Wave washer is divided into WG type WL type WN type WG type wave washer: WG type wave washer is an open type elastic washer, it can usually be installed in a small space, such as prestressing the bearing, reducing the noise of the bearing operation and improving The running accuracy and stability of the bearing. In addition, there are a large number of applied materials in electronic appliances, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy and other WL-type wave washers: WL-type wave washers are lap type elastic washers, which can usually be installed in a small space, such as bearings Prestressing is applied to reduce the noise of bearing operation and improve the accuracy and stability of bearing operation. In addition, there are a lot of applications in electronic appliances.

Disc spring washer:

DIN6796 Disc Spring Washer (HDS Series) is a lock washer designed for bolt and screw connection. It is designed and manufactured according to DIN6796 and is used for the connection of medium or high strength bolts and screws. The large supporting load and elastic recovery make the HDS series very effective. The bolt tension can withstand the slack caused by the following reasons: wear, creep, slack, thermal expansion, contraction of the wearing parts, or the compression of the seal. HDS series has increased the elasticity of screws several times. It can effectively replace ordinary spring washers, but it is not suitable for combination of lock washers and flat washers.

Because the HDS series is a disc spring that can be folded or folded. The combination of the combination mode can increase the deformation of the disc spring group, and the combination of the combination mode can increase the spring force of the disc spring group. The ideal installation method is to flatten as much as possible. The closer to the flattened state, the faster the tension moment increases. Without the torque wrench, the appropriate bolt tension can be obtained. Of course, even if you understand the important role of springs in this product, but if the quality of the spring is not good, the impact will be great, so the spring purchase needs to choose the right merchant.

Hexagon slotted nuts are designed for use with bolts with holes at the end of the screw, so as to insert the cotter pin from the groove of the nut into the hole of the screw to prevent the nut from automatically loosening. It is mainly used for vibration or alternating loads .