Questions and answers about disc springs

- May 26, 2020-

1. What is a disc spring?

Answer: The disc spring is a tapered cross-section, which can bear axial static load or dynamic load. The inventor is the French J. Belleville.

2. What is the working principle of the disc spring?

Answer: When the bolt is tightened, the absorbed mechanical energy is converted into potential energy (potential energy) and stored in the disc spring. When the pretension of the bolt is relaxed due to temperature change, pressure change or mechanical vibration, the released potential energy (potential energy) is converted into The mechanical energy compensates for the preload of the bolt, so that the preload of the bolt is always kept within the range of the preload required by the gasket seal.

3. What is the key to disc spring performance?

Answer: The load-deformation characteristic of the disc spring is the key to performance.

4. How many arrangements of disc springs?

Answer: Monolithic, serial, parallel, serial, parallel.

5. What is the applicable temperature range of the disc spring?

Answer: Bolt temperature

6. What is the flange preload disc spring?

Answer: Flange pre-tensioned disc spring is one of the components of international advanced floating pre-tensioned sealing technology. It is mainly used in flange sealing of pipelines, vessels and equipment. There is a significant difference, usually need to be used in conjunction with floating preload technology software.

7. When using flange to preload disc spring, sometimes the disc spring will be crushed. What are the possible reasons?

Answer: Excessive preload, corrosion of halogen ions.

8. What are the characteristics of flange pretensioned disc springs?

Answer: Low stroke, high resilience.

9. What is the role of flange pretension disc spring?

Answer: Compensating for the loosening of bolt pretension due to temperature changes, compensating for the relaxation of bolt pretension due to pressure changes, and compensating for the relaxation of bolt pretension due to vibrations.

10. How to explain that the amount of disc spring compensation does not seem to be much?

Answer: The characteristic of the disc spring is low travel and high compensation. A small amount of gap between the flanges can cause a large leakage, so the high temperature disc spring can fully meet the needs of compensation