Small nuts, big classification

- Jun 15, 2020-

As a component, screw nuts are widely used in all walks of life. screw nuts are parts that tightly connect mechanical equipment. screw nuts and screws of the same specification can be connected together through the inner thread.

screw nuts and screws are screwed together, as a part that plays a role in tightening, it is an element that all manufacturing machines must use.

According to different materials, screw nuts can be divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (such as copper) and other major types.

1. Stainless steel: self-locking screw nuts, lockscrew nuts, lock screw nuts, four-jaw screw nuts, screw-in screw nuts, safety screw nuts, thin-rod screw connection screw nuts, self-locking hexagonal cap screw nuts, screw nuts for special anchor screws, thin hexagonal crowns screw nuts, eye screw nuts, etc.

2. Alloy: zinc-copper alloy screw nuts, etc.

3. Copper: copper screw nuts, inlaid copper screw nuts, knurled copper screw nuts, embedded copper screw nuts, injection molded copper screw nuts, etc.