Test method for hardness of forged parts

- Mar 31, 2019-

As we all know, the hardness test of forged parts mainly uses Brinell hardness tester. Most of the requirements in the standard or user's drawings are Brinell hardness values. Many types of forged parts are required to be tested one by one, and each workpiece is also required. Detect multiple points.

For small forged parts, it can be tested directly on a benchtop Brinell hardness tester. Large and medium-sized forged parts cannot be tested on desktop machines. There are two types of hardness test methods. One is to use a portable Brinell hardness tester, and the other is to use other portable hardness testers, which are then converted into Brinell hardness values after measurement.

Forged parts are generally only blanks of mechanical parts. After the forged parts are produced, they are sent to a mechanical processing factory for cutting, and heat treatment is performed after the cutting. The heat treatment methods include normalizing, quenching-tempering, carburizing, nitriding, local high frequency quenching, and the like. Some of the heat-treated workpieces can be used directly as mechanical parts, and some are subjected to final machining such as grinding, and then used as mechanical parts.

The mechanical parts processed from the forged blanks have excellent final mechanical properties compared to mechanical parts processed by other methods (for example, extrusion, rolling, casting, etc.). These workpieces must have good toughness and meet the specified hardness, and have the properties of the workpiece under the conditions of use, such as strength, wear, surface hardness or local hardness. Therefore, the workpiece after heat treatment is also subjected to precision hardness testing, and the hardness tester used should be a Rockwell hardness tester. A benchtop Rockwell hardness tester can be used when the workpiece is small. The workpiece is large. When it is heavy or long, a portable Rockwell hardness tester should be used. When there is no portable Rockwell hardness tester or the hardness test accuracy is not high, a Shore hardness tester, a Leeb hardness tester or a hammer type Brinell hardness tester can be used.