The difference between silicone gasket and rubber gasket

- May 26, 2020-

Silicone gasket refers to the effects of buffering, shock absorption and anti-slip protection between two different objects and objects. It is usually used to prevent damage to components from interference by pressure between two objects! Although different gaskets in different industries seem inconspicuous, but its appearance has reduced a great threat to future troubles, so it is said that the role of small accessories is great!

1.The silicone gasket is suitable for intervening daily environmental protection materials. Due to the strong active material of the silicone products, there is no conflict with the chemical reaction, the chemical reaction is stable, and it is completely in line with the requirements for contact with daily life products. Conflict has been put into use for a long time in daily life! That is resistant to high and low temperatures -40 to 260 degrees! Non-toxic and tasteless,

2. Natural rubber gasket is suitable for water, seawater, air, inert gas, alkali, salt solution and other media, but is not resistant to mineral oil and non-polar solvents. Long-term use temperature does not exceed 90 ℃, excellent low temperature performance, can Use above -60 ℃. 

3. Nitrile rubber is suitable for petroleum products, such as petroleum, lubricating oil, fuel oil, etc., long-term use temperature is 120 ℃, such as 150 ℃ in hot oil, low temperature is -10 ~ -20 ℃.

4. Chloroprene rubber is suitable for seawater, weak acid, weak alkali, salt solution. It has excellent resistance to oxygen and ozone aging. Its oil resistance is inferior to nitrile rubber and better than other general-purpose rubber. No more than 130 ℃, low temperature is -30 ~ -50 ℃.

5. There are many varieties of fluororubber, which have good acid resistance, oxidation resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance. It can be used in almost all acid media and some oils and solvents. The long-term use temperature is lower than 200 ℃. No matter in any industry, gaskets and gaskets are basically applied. For example, they are commonly used in output pipes, shock-absorbing electronic products, etc. Different roles of gaskets and gaskets can be selected from different materials, and the performance of different materials can make The overall product use effect and life are more prominent!