The role and type of washer

- May 08, 2020-

The role of washers-copper asbestos pad

Copper asbestos pad, which has the characteristics of high pressure and high temperature resistance, is generally suitable for engine cylinder pads. When using it, first remove the dust and dirt on it. Pay attention to the side of its copper skin flanging toward the cylinder head On one side, to prevent reverse air leakage.

The role of the washer-paper pad

Paper pads are still common in our lives, and they have two functions. The first is to increase the tightness, and the second is to adjust the gap between components.

The role of washer-flat washer

The function of the flat washer is to allow the pressure of the nut to be distributed on the pressure piece, while also protecting the surface of the bolt and the connecting body. Generally, the thin metal shell is fixed with a metal flat pad.

The role of washer-rubber pad

The rubber pad is made of two materials, one is a gasket made of non-oil-resistant materials for sealing the air, such as the gasket used in the air cleaner housing; the other is a component made of oil-resistant materials Formed gaskets, such as the rubber pads at both ends of the diesel oil filter. It should be noted that the use of oil-resistant rubber pads can replace non-oil-resistant rubber pads, and non-oil-resistant rubber pads cannot be used instead of oil-resistant rubber pads. In the long-term use of the rubber pad, if it is found that it hardens and loses its elasticity, it should be replaced in time to avoid wearing parts.

The role of washers-felt pads

Felt pads have certain wear resistance and shock absorption, and are generally used at the bottom of thin metal boxes or clamps, such as the bottom of diesel tanks.