What are castings and issues to consider when designing

- Mar 13, 2019-

(1) Meet the strength and stiffness requirements. Using a large force to achieve the strength of the box components is an important issue, but for most cabinet components, the main indicator for evaluating its performance is stiffness, because the stiffness of the cabinet not only affects the normal operation of the transmission components, Moreover, it affects the working accuracy of the components.

(2) Heat dissipation and thermal deformation. The friction heating of the castings in the box changes the viscosity of the lubricating oil, affects the lubrication performance, and the temperature rise causes the thermal deformation of the box. Attention should be paid to the thermal deformation and thermal stress with uneven temperature distribution, and the accuracy and strength of the box. Have a great impact.

(3) The structure design is reasonable. Such as fulcrum arrangement, steel bar arrangement, opening position, connection structure design, etc., are beneficial to increase the strength and rigidity of the box.

(4) Good processability. Including blank manufacturing, machining and heat treatment, assembly adjustment, installation and fixing, lifting and transportation, maintenance and other aspects of the process.