What are the advantages of hexagon socket screws?

- Jul 15, 2020-

In our daily life, if we carefully observe the connection parts on mechanical equipment-screws, we will find that many mechanical equipment uses hexagon socket screws. Why is this? Hexagon screws have advantages for the connection of mechanical equipment Facing these questions, WENZHOU MAIWEI AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD will explain the problems to you based on specific understanding.

Hexagon socket screws have round heads and recessed hexagons in the middle. The advantages of this structure are obvious.


1. The load is greater. It has six force-bearing surfaces, which are more capable of being tightened than flat screws and cross screws with only two surfaces.

Note: The material of the hexagon socket bolts is generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and it is basically the same as other types of screw materials.The higher the performance level, the greater the strength. When selecting screws, you must strictly choose according to the requirements of use The screws of suitable performance grades have different grades and different prices.

2. It can be buried in the head. That is, the entire nut is sunk inside the workpiece, which can keep the surface of the workpiece smooth and beautiful.

3. Easy installation. Compared with the outer hexagon screws, the inner hexagon is suitable for more assembly occasions, especially in narrow occasions. Therefore, it is very convenient for assembly and maintenance, and debugging is also convenient.

4. Not easy to disassemble. The tools we usually use are live wrenches, screwdrivers and open wrenches, etc., and special wrenches must be used to remove the hexagon socket bolts. Therefore, it is not easy for ordinary people to remove, which is also a benefit.


Regarding this wrench problem, some netizens said that since the inner hexagon bolt has the advantage of strength and is designed as a counterbore, it is difficult to screw it out if the wire is slipped, and the outer hexagon bolt has common tools to get it. Why not design into the shape below?

As we all know, the screws of the outer hexagon are exposed, and the wrench needs a certain space to screw it, and the required counterbore is large or protruding. The inner hexagon needs a small counterbore. When the space is not considered, the inner hexagon is basically useless. Therefore, which screw should be used depends on the occasion of use.


Hexagon socket head screws are similar to countersunk head screws. The nail heads are buried in the machine parts and the connection strength is large, but the screws must be assembled and disassembled with corresponding hexagon socket wrenches. Generally used on various machine tools and accessories. According to the requirements of use, there are the following points in performance:

1. The nominal tensile strength of the screw material reaches 400MPa;

2. The yield strength ratio of the screw material is 0.6; the nominal yield strength of the screw material reaches 400×0.6=240MPa level. Performance grade 10.9 high-strength screws, after heat treatment, the material can achieve:

  a. The nominal tensile strength of the screw material reaches 1000MPa;

  b. The yield ratio of the screw material is 0.9; the nominal yield strength of the screw material reaches 1000×0.9=900MPa.

The meaning of the performance grade of the hexagon socket screws is an international standard. The screws of the same performance grade, regardless of their material and place of origin, have the same performance. Only the performance grade can be used in the design.内六角螺钉1

The classification of hexagon socket screws is basically the same. If the grade is different, the price on the market will definitely be different. Generally high-strength hexagon socket screws are definitely much more expensive than ordinary hexagon socket screws. In the market, the most commonly used are 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9.

Warm reminder: the head of the hexagon socket screw is misaligned and misaligned, which may cause serious problems. For example, from the appearance of the product, the overall appearance is not beautiful enough. There is also eccentricity, which can easily lead to breakage of the punching needle of the production tool. The most serious will also lead to a series of problems such as the end of the hexagonal screw.