Die Casting Machine Selection

- Mar 16, 2019-

Die casting machine is one of the necessary machinery for die casting. Therefore, it is very important for the die-casting plant to choose a die-casting machine and what kind of die-casting machine to use.

First, the selection steps of the die casting machine

1) According to the technical requirements, use conditions and die-casting process specifications of the castings in the die-casting plant, the technical parameters and processability of the die-casting machine are calculated, and the suitable models are selected.

2) According to the preliminary design of the die-casting technical parameters and process requirements, the die-casting process parameters and the die-casting dimensions are calculated, and the appropriate model is selected.

3) Evaluate the performance and economic effects of the die casting machine, including yield, yield, productivity and operational stability, reliability, and safety.

Second, the selection method of die casting machine

In actual production, the choice of die casting machine is mainly based on the type of die-casting alloy, the size and weight of the casting, and the use of hot chamber or cold chamber die casting machine. For zinc alloy castings and small magnesium alloy castings, hot chamber die casting machines are usually used. For aluminum alloys, copper alloy castings and large magnesium alloy castings, cold chamber die casting machines are mainly used. Vertical cold chamber die casting machines are suitable for shape-centered radiation. At the same time, it has a casting with a central sprue condition.