Die Casting Mold Maintenance And Maintenance

- Jul 01, 2019-

The maintenance of die-casting molds is divided into daily maintenance and periodic maintenance.

Daily maintenance mainly cleans the aluminum slag and dirt on the outer surface of the mold.


The periodic maintenance requirements are as follows:

After the die-casting mold is removed, the die-casting worker must hang it to the designated position, and the following maintenance and maintenance are performed by the die-casting mold repairman.

a) Clean aluminum (copper or zinc) chips and dirt on the die-casting mold (including the slider, cavity, core, exhaust system, etc.) to ensure that the die-casting mold is clean and exhausted. Polish the polished aluminum parts and polish them.

b) Wipe the oil on the mold and cooling water pipe.

c) Press the mold to check according to 3.5.

d) Repair or replace the core and ram with bending, cracking and breaking.

e) After each shot die is pressed about 10,000 times, the scale is used to remove the scale of the cooling channel of the die-casting mold to ensure smooth water flow.

f) Each set of die-casting die passes through zinc alloy: about 30,000 die times; aluminum alloy: about 20,000 die times; the profile is re-polished, polished, and re-nitrided if necessary;

g) Each set of die-casting molds must be internally stressed after each 10,000-mode cavity.

3.7 Die Casting Repair:

For the damaged die-casting mold, after the relevant personnel determine the repair plan, the maintenance personnel of the die-casting mold shall repair it in time, and the die-casting mold after the repair shall be inspected by the relevant personnel and confirmed to pass the test. After the test piece has passed the dimensional inspection (or trial processing and assembly), it can be confirmed that the die-casting mold is normal and put into production. And must be well documented.

3.8 Die casting mold maintenance inspection:

Die-casting mold repairers must regularly inspect the die-casting molds, and the inspection time is once a month, and records are made at the same time. Recording should also be done when repairing or replacing the core.