Die Casting Process Characteristics

- Mar 14, 2019-

The die casting process is a process in which the three elements of machine, mold and alloy unify pressure, speed and time.

1. Pressure: It is an important factor to gradually obtain dense tissue and clear outline;

2, the pressure of injection: is the force of the injection mechanism to push the injection piston, according to the calculation of the thousand: machine tonnage 10:1;

3. Specific pressure: It is the pressure on the unit area of the molten metal in the pressure chamber. It is the result of the relationship between the injection force and the cross-sectional area of the pressure chamber. The formula: P ratio = P shot / F chamber.

P specific pressure (Pa) pressure effect and effect: specific pressure increased, fine crystal; thickened crystal layer, improved filling characteristics, improved surface quality, reduced porosity, but increased tensile strength, elongation decreased.

Influence on filling conditions: The filling cavity alloy has a high temperature rise and fall under high specific pressure, and the fluidity is improved, which is beneficial to the improvement of quality.