Noun Analysis

- May 20, 2019-

1 Porosity: Characteristics--Under the surface of the casting, the bubbles formed by the accumulation of gas bulge.

2 Pinhole: Usually refers to the precipitation pores less than 1mm in the casting, mostly round, unevenly distributed over the entire section of the casting, especially in the thick section of the casting and the cooling rate is small. According to the distribution and shape characteristics of the precipitated pores of the aluminum alloy, the pinholes can be further divided into three types, namely: (1) point-shaped pinholes (2) mesh-shaped pinholes (3) comprehensive pores:

3 Refining: The process of removing non-metallic inclusions (various solid oxides) and gases during the smelting process of aluminum alloys, generally referred to as "refining."

4 The “time” in the die casting process is the filling time, the pressurization build time, the holding time and the mold retention time. The “time” is crucial in the die casting process.