The Cause Of The Porosity Of Die Casting(4)

- May 04, 2019-

Method factors:

Mainly refers to die casting parameters, operating processes.

1 Is there a process parameter selected according to different products? (Cast aluminum liquid temperature 630-670oC) Reasonable selection of die casting process parameters, especially injection speed. Adjust the high speed switching starting point.

2 Is there any reduction in the water content of the mold release? Is there a mold release agent with a small amount of gas?

3 Is the alloy melting temperature too high?

4 How is the temperature of the aluminum liquid measured? Is the thermometer accurate?

5 Is there a conversion point for adjusting the injection speed and the slow injection speed according to the product?

6 Is there a large machine die-casting small part, and the filling chamber is too small?

Environmental factors:

Is the air humidity in the die-casting environment high?

Under normal circumstances, the amount of hydrogen in the surrounding air is not much, but if the relative humidity in the air is large, it will increase the solubility of the gas in the aluminum liquid, forming seasonal pores, such as in the rainy season, due to the high humidity of the air, the aluminum alloy is melted. The phenomenon of pinholes is more serious. Of course, when the air humidity is high, aluminum alloy ingots, melting equipment, tools, etc. will also increase the amount of surface moisture adsorption due to the humidity of the air. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective preheating drying protection measures to reduce the generation of pores.