The Difference Between A Type And B Type Of Retaining Ring For Shaft

- Mar 06, 2020-

Shaft retaining rings are one fasteners that are installed on grooved shafts and used to fix the axial movement of parts. They are mainly divided into A type and B type. Then, shaft retaining rings A and B What is the difference between two types? What are the standards?

1. Different market applications

 Both Type A and Type B are available on the market. The difference lies in the shape of the mounting hole. Type A is a circular arc transition, while Type B is a right angle. Generally speaking, Type A is mainstream in Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and other places, and basically Type B. Type B is still produced in China. In the Pearl River Delta, there are more Type A than Type B. In other regions, there are no statistics for individuals, but subjectively think that there are more A types than B types.

2. the molding process is different

Type A is made of plate-punching technology, which can be suitable for dynamic movement and vertical load bearing; Type B is made of wire-punching technology, which is suitable for static and lateral rotary motion.

3. Hardness before and after heat treatment

The hardness after heat treatment is also different. The heat treatment hardness of type B is slightly higher than that of type A.

The inner diameter of this type of retaining ring is slightly smaller than the diameter of the mounting shaft. When installing, you must use circlip pliers, insert the pliers mouth into the pliers hole of the retaining ring, and expand the retaining ring before it can be placed on the pre-machined shaft groove. Therefore, we must pay attention to when choosing, we must not make mistakes.

Then let's learn how to choose a retaining ring for the shaft.

1. Cost

Type A is punched out of a sheet. After punching such a circle, the middle part of the circle is the blanking waste material, which is more difficult to reuse. The type B is a wire product. As long as it “circles” such a circle, there is no wasteful material. Therefore, the current type B is used more because the type B consumables are less and the price is lower.

2.Contact surface

Type A is in surface contact with the connected parts. The cross-section of A can be made very wide or thick, and even a flat rectangle makes it more load-bearing and resistant to deformation. In some occasions where the retaining ring cannot be very thick, such as when the length of the screw is limited, or when the nut requires a large area of the support pad, a wide-section A-shaped plane can play a greater load capacity and better protect the connected Contact surface of the piece. The B type is wound by a wire, and the thickness of the cross section has been set. To increase the load bearing capacity, the wire can only be thickened. When the contact surface of the connected component has higher requirements, the cross section of the B type wire This circular thing is theoretically in line contact with the contact surface, which easily damages the connected parts, and cannot achieve surface contact like the A type. Therefore, type A is generally used for large loads, and type B is used for general loads.