The Function Of Retaining Ring,wave Washer&hoop

- Mar 11, 2020-

The retaining ring is mainly used to axially fix the parts on the shaft. The material of the retaining ring is 65Mn 60Si2MnA. Quenched and tempered HRC44-51 or HV435-530, the retaining ring needs to be elastically inspected to meet the performance requirements of the product; the retaining ring is mounted on the test shaft for 48 hours without breaking for toughness inspection. For the design choice of the retaining ring specification If you want to add a Teflon retaining ring to the high-pressure oil cylinder static seal O-ring groove, in general, the height of the retaining ring should be the same as the depth of the groove, and the thickness of the retaining ring is 1 ~ 2mm, which can be determined according to the extrusion situation. The curvature radius of the groove is 0.8 to 1.6 times the diameter of the O-ring wire. Looking at the amount of compression, the fillet is less than 0.2.

The role of the wave washer is mainly to prevent the nut (or bolt) from loosening automatically during mechanical design and production. The most commonly used device is to prevent the nut from loosening under the nut. The commonly used wave washer specifications are M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10.M12, M14, M16, made of stainless steel and carbon steel, usually 65MN spring steel or 70 # carbon steel, 3Cr13, stainless steel materials SUS304 or SUS316 can also be used. National standard for wave washer GB / T 94.1-87, the standard specifies a standard wave washer with a size of 2-48mm. 65Mn or some other low carbon steel, like Q235, Q195, etc. The wave washer is shaped like a wave, with a thin thickness and elasticity. Due to its shape characteristics and preventive function, the wave washer has no defects on the surface, oxidation and rust, etc. The surface requires oxidation and blackening, and the wave must be evenly distributed. , Feeding and accurate assembly in place.

The hoop is made of high-quality manganese steel. It is fast to install, easy to disassemble, evenly clamped, and can be used repeatedly. It can naturally shrink with the deformation of the hose to achieve the clamping effect. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient use, strong tightening force and good sealing performance. It is mainly used for fastening and sealing at the joints of vehicles, ships, diesel engines, gasoline engines, machine tools, firefighting, and other mechanical equipment, chemical equipment, general full hoses, nylon plastic hoses, fabric hoses, and hoses