The Use And Classification Of Threads

- Jan 13, 2021-

1. The use and characteristics of thread:

Threads are used in a wide range of applications, from airplanes and automobiles to water pipes and gas used in our daily lives. Most threads play a role in fastening connections, followed by the transmission of force and motion. There are also some special-purpose threads. Although there are many types, their number is limited.

The use of screw thread can last for a long time because of its simple structure, reliable performance, convenient disassembly, and ease of manufacturing, making it an indispensable structural element in various electromechanical products today.

According to the purpose of the thread, various threaded parts should have the most basic functions in the following two aspects: one is good screwability; the other is sufficient strength.


2. Classification of threads

a. According to its structural features and uses, it can be divided into four categories:

Ordinary thread (fastening thread): the tooth shape is triangle, used to connect or fasten parts. Ordinary threads are divided into coarse and fine threads according to the pitch, and the connection strength of fine threads is higher.

Transmission thread: the tooth shape is trapezoidal, rectangular, saw-shaped and triangular.

Sealing thread: used for sealing connection, mainly pipe thread, taper thread and taper pipe thread.

Special purpose thread, referred to as special thread.

b. Threads can be divided into metric threads (metric threads), British threads, American threads, etc. according to regions (countries). We are used to refer to British threads and American threads as British threads, and their profile angles are 60°, 55° The relevant thread parameters, such as diameter and pitch, adopt inch size (inch). In our country, the tooth profile angle is unified to 60°, and the diameter and pitch series in millimeters (mm) are used to name this type of thread: ordinary thread.

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